Being a vet isn’t just a job, it’s a vocation and way of life requiring total focus and commitment.

At Veterinary Architects, we understand this and offer a full service including land acquisition, planning permission, client’s representative with all relevant authorities, architectural design, project management, quantity surveying, mechanical & electrical design and interior design.

Uniquely, we have consultant advisors (some of whom are highly experienced vets themselves) who offer proven and experienced input at the design stage even advising you on equipment purchases.

In reality, we can deliver you a complete ‘turn-key operation’, thereby allowing you to carry on your vocation as a vet, whilst we take the stress out of turning your dream into reality.

We believe that architecture should be inspiring.

Who looks forward to going to work in a dull, dreary building? An inspired building design means motivated staff and enthused clients.

Most importantly we understand budget restraints and that individualism and inspiration need not cost the earth. In today’s competitive veterinary marketplace, you need to stand out from the crowd. Our design team will ensure you do just that.

Prepare to be inspired.


Having an inspiring design is just the start.

Delivering the project on time and on budget is a very different matter. Our team has for many years done just that. Not only can we create you the most inspiring design, but we have specialists who will manage the whole of your project from conception, planning and build through to completion.

You give us the brief and within a short time, we will give you the keys to your dream building.

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Our parent company, Jonathan Clark Architects, have for many years created the most spectacular interiors.

There is no reason why the interior of a veterinary surgery should not be spectacular as well as functional, after all, it is the very heart of the practice.

Our knowledge and experience of materials, finishes and details for veterinary surgeries is unsurpassed.

Our team is very easy to work with and are enthused to create an interior with that special wow factor that sets you apart from your competitors.

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